Hello Flyffers, we'll have a short maintenance on 
Oct. 17th 00:00~00:30 AM (PST).

We have new updates!
1. New Non-PK server
Our first non-PK server "Luda [CST, No-PK]" is open now.
This server is unique in 2 ways:
-It is the first server based on CST time zone (UTC-6). Please keep in mind the servers are not following daylight saving!
-It is also the first non-PK server, meaning players won't be able to attack each other except in instanced PvP zones like Arena or Battlefield. It also means the Cloud Crater is a safe zone in this server, so the first one first served there!

2. Only 777 Diamonds! (Until Friday, 19th Oct. 11:59PM PST)
Shocking sale on '10x Item/Pet/Costume Gacha'.
- 10x Costume Gacha 900 -> 777 diamonds
Contains 3 Unique Costumes: Pirate, Asian and Garrison!
- 10x Item Gacha 1350 -> 777 diamonds
Contains Tier 5 Epic Gear for your class!
- 10x Pet Gacha 1350 -> 777 diamonds
Contains 8 Epic Pets, including the mighty dragons!

We hope you'll enjoy the new server & new event! Thank you.

-the Flyff Legacy Team