Hello! Flyffers!

Today we'd like to start a new event to reward players who post videos of Flyff Legacy Global!

1. Create a video of Flyff Legacy Global
You can make any video you like, the only requirement is that the video should be at least 30s and not defamatory or slanderous :)
For instance, you could make a video as a tutorial for new players, or about a PVP, or the Tomb of Ankou, or a World Boss, some Storytelling or anything else.
You may also edit/cut the video, add some voice overs or texts, etc - be creative! :)

2. Post your video on YouTube
Please use these two video sites only. The requirements here are:
- include the text "Flyff Legacy Global" in the title of your video
- include your character name/server in the description of the video (you may add more details and keywords to increase your chances to get views ;))
If you like, you can also post the link in reply to our Facebook post about the event, it would advertise it to the Flyff Legacy players who follow our Facebook page!

3. Contact us via the Support button in-game when your video reached the number of views!
When your video reaches the 1,000+; 10,000+; and maybe 50,000+ views, send us a message via the Support button in-game or here: https://galalab.helpshift.com/a/flyff-legacy
We will then send you the Diamonds by email to the character name listed in the video:
- 1,000+ views: 200 Diamonds
- 10,000+ views: 800 Diamonds
- 50,000+ views: 1,000 Diamonds
Note that you can post multiple videos, but a character can only get each threshold reward once! (so up to 2,000 Diamonds total, 200+800+1000)

4. Extra Rewards on Nov.15th
The event has currently no end date. You may post a video in October, and reach 1,000 views in January next year - then just contact us at that time. Although there is no end date at the moment we reserve the right though to end the event whenever we want (especially in case of abuses or else).
HOWEVER on November 15th, we (Gala Lab) will choose what we consider the best 3 videos among all the links received and will reward the characters with Bloody Behemoth Pet + 500 Diamonds! (whether the video has a lot of views or not, bad or positive comment - up to us to decide what we like the most! :)
Good luck to everyone, share the love about Flyff Legacy Global!