Here are the details of the launch events in September and early October.

0. Pre-register Event [until Sept. 24, 11:59PM PST]
All players who pre-registered at by Sept.24 midnight PST will receive an email by the end of the week with a Coupon code to claim their rewards.
You can then redeem the Coupon code in-game by tapping the settings button under the map and then choose the coupon menu. Note that the text entered is case sensitive!
PS: the coupons are unique and can only be used on 1 character. All items are non-tradable obviously :)

1. Login Event [Sep.25~Oct.1]
Just login to receive different reward every day!
- 9/25: 1M SB Penya & 100 SB Diamonds
- 9/26: 100K Stardusts
- 9/27: 1 Pet Gacha Coupon
- 9/28: 1 Item Gacha Coupon
- 9/29: 10K Magic Powders
- 9/30: 5K Badges of Glory
- 10/1: 10K Badges of Honor

2. Level Up Event [Sep.25~Oct.23]
Reach specific levels to receive additional Soulbound Diamonds!
- Lv.101: 100 SB diamonds
- Lv.160: 200 SB diamonds
- Lv.180: 300 SB diamonds
- Lv.201: 400 SB diamonds
- Lv.301: 500 SB diamonds
- Lv.401: 1K SB diamonds
- Lv.501: 3K SB diamonds
You can thus claim 5,500 Soulbound Diamonds in total if you reach Lv.501 by Oct.23!

Plus, the No.1 ranker on each server at the end of the event will receive 5,000 Diamonds (non-bound). The character should be ranked first in the Hall of Fame by the time the event ends on Oct.23. (*Luda CST server is not included in this event.)

3. Golden Egg Event [Sep.25~Oct.9]
You will receive some Golden Eggs when you complete dungeons or other tasks each day.
You can then trade these Eggs for other items in the Treasure Trove event window.

Where to get the Golden Eggs (daily):
- complete 1 Daily Quest: 1 Golden Egg
- complete 1 Story Dungeon: 1 Golden Egg
- complete 1 Duel: 1 Golden Egg
- complete 1 Daily Dungeon: 10 Golden Eggs
- complete 1 Party Dungeon: 10 Golden Eggs
- complete 1 Tomb of Ankou: 10 Golden Eggs
- complete 1 La Christiana: 10 Golden Eggs
- complete 1 Colosseum: 20 Golden Eggs
- complete 1 Hanging Dungeon: 1 Golden Eggs

Items in exchange of Golden Eggs:
- 100 Golden Eggs: 5 Crystals or 5 Oricalkums
- 150 Golden Eggs: 5 Shining Crystals or 5 Shining Oricalkums
- 250 Golden Eggs: 100K Stardusts or 1 FP Potion or 10 Revive Stones
- 300 Golden Eggs: 3 Story Dungeon Tickets
- 500 Golden Eggs: 1 Upgrade Catalyst or 400 Hearts
- 1K Golden Eggs: 10 Marble Fragments or 5 Broken Marbles
- 2K Golden Eggs: 20K Badges of Glory or 40K Badges of Honor

Note that the Golden Eggs can't be used anymore once the event ends! But you will just be able to sell them for Penya eventually.

We hope you enjoy these events, Flyff Legacy is very new and we understand you may be a bit lost at first with the many activities and in-game events, so if any question or issue please contact us directly!

Have fun in Flyff Legacy!