*Maintenance finished on 23:12 PST. Enjoy!

Hello, Flyffers

We are going to have an emergency maintenance on April 27. 2021 22:00 PST for 2 hour*.
*ETA, subject to change

After the last maintenance, we discovered that the servers weren't merged properly.

Related EU servers will be on maintenance.

[Prankster+IvillisQuaker+Astaroth+Bell+Minimusha+Dantalion+Hedal+KeaKoon+Vishi+King Khan+Ukyu+Sabomi+Pinanoco+Luia+Leora+Kalgas+Akin+FWC-UK-1+FWC-UK-2+Badan+Death+Assassin+Marauder+Kuang+Kanonicus+Entaness+Shuraiture+Lykanos+Hyena+Plunderer+Greemong+Tanuki+Hadeseor+Sunpirit+Crasher+Troglodon+Nobleman+Pillager+Predator+Bomb+Patrol+Wall]

We will fix this issue as quickly as possible.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused regarding this issue.

-Flyff Legacy Global Team