Hello Flyffers.
We have prepared a special Chargeback event for the Thanksgiving Festival and you will be able to get part of your top-up back as Diamonds!

When: After server opens on November 2 2020 until December 4 23:59, server time
Event Servers: T-NA-1, T-EU-1, T-ASIA-1
Description: Every player on the event server that spends more than US$ 200 during the event period will get 20% of their purchase back as Diamonds!

Here are the details for this event:

1) Only purchases made during the event period in the event servers will count towards the Chargeback event.

2) The reward is per-character base. It doesn’t count If you have made purchases in total of $200 across multiple characters.

3) The Diamonds given by the Chargeback event will be only given back to the character that the purchase happened. You CANNOT get the Diamonds sent to another character.

4) If you become the Top 5 in the finals, you will be applicable for both the event and the rewards. (Example: If you become Rank 1 in the finals and spent more than $200, you would get 100%+20%=120% Chargeback in Diamonds) If you don’t meet the $200 requirement but are in the top 5 rank, you will only get the chargeback reward for the top 5 reward only.

5) Diamonds provided by the Chargeback reward will be based on the USD to Diamond ratio as it is in the Shop menu.

6) We hold no responsibility for issues or damages caused by failing to heed this notice.

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team
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