Hello Flyffers.
Are you ready to prove your might this summer? This summer, we will be hosting a special Arena Tournament, with various prizes worth about in total of $2000 up for grabs! Don’t miss this chance for glory and loot, only granted to the mightiest Flyffer!


[Event Schedule & Procedure]

1) New servers for the event will be opened in all regions on August 14, 2020 00:00 PST. 1 server each are going to open for North America, Europe and Asia respectively.

2) Level up and strengthen your character more than anyone else, with the maximum level at 400.

3) Arena will be opened 21:00 server time as usual.

4) After the preliminary rounds haven been done for 6 days(September 15~September 20) the results will be tallied up and the top 50 players for the Finals will be chosen on September 21. We will make a separate announcement for that at the time. Please note that the Arena held on September 21 is not part of the event.

5) One player for each server will leave victorious after defeating the rest in the grand final on September 22, 21:00 server time!

6) Below are the prizes you will be able to earn in the finals

* All prizes are given to the top 5 ranks in each regions, North America, Europe and Asia respectively.
1)The Special Costume Random Box Contains the following items: Armed Guard costume bag, Shrewd Guardian costume bag, Covered-up Ninja costume bag, Bun hair Ninja costume bag, Masked Assassin costume bag, Sharp Uniform costume bag, Curvy Uniform costume bag, Casual Uniform costume bag, Pumpkin Man costume bag, Horned Devil costume bag, Hatted Witch costume bag, The 3rd Hitter, Polar Bear Snowboarder costume bag, Ice Queen Cat costume bag, Swimsuit Costume. You will be able to obtain one of these items at random.


1) The prizes will be distributed accordingly after the event has ended, assuming proper contact with the recipient can be made.

2) Event schedule and details are subject to change in unavoidable circumstances.

3) Amazon Gift Cards will be sent via the winners’ email as codes after confirmation. No physical cards are delivered to you.

4) We hold no responsibility for issues or damages caused by failing to heed this notice.

Read up on the event in greater detail at the links below.
- Detailed information on Preliminary
- Detailed information on Finals
- View FAQ

Thank you, and happy flying.