Thank you to all Flyffers participating the Blockchain Collaboration Event! Today we’ll take a look at the schedule for the Final round and prizes!

[Blockchain Collaboration Event] FINAL

Event time: June 9, 2020 21:00, server time.

Compete with your specially-built character and aim for the top!

Only characters who have passed the preliminary Arena for each server group can enter the Arena Finals.

Arena Final

Final Round Progress
- Arena of the final day will be held once, and all players who qualified from preliminary tournament can enter.
- The basic rules of the Arena are the same as regular servers.
- When the last Arena match ends, the ranking will be determined by points earned in the Finals Arena.


1. Prize delivery Schedule

-For BORA token, the delivery will be made through a separate procedure. Details will be announced at a later date.
-In-game prizes will be given after the results are tallied up.
- For reference, below are the prizes you will be able to earn in the finals:

2. Caution!

- In the event of a tie, the final ranking will be selected based on the Combat Power on 00:00 of the day Final occurs.

-Final results for the event will be posted via Facebook and Helpshift within 7 days of the Final concluding.

- The exchange rate for BORA token will be based on the “Close” price of the CoinMarketCap ( for the previous day of the day the Finals results are announced. Specifics will be told individually to the prize winner.

Good luck to all Flyffers,
See you at the Final!

Thank you.
Read up on the event in greater detail at the links below.