Thank you to all Flyffers participating in the Blockchain Collaboration event!

Read below to learn how to level up a character in the new server and prepare for the preliminary. Please read the following carefully.

[Blockchain Collaboration Event] Preliminary

1. Create a character on your desired event server, and level your character rapidly until June 1. The new servers will have additional EXP available for rapid growth. The maximum level for the event servers will be Level 400.

2. Connect to the server dedicated to the event according to the event schedule for each region group.

3. Arena
- Starts on 21:00, server time for the preliminary period.
- The Arena is held once a day in the event server. The preliminary tournament will go on for 6 days.
- You can participate in the Finals if your total score is in the top 50.

*All times are according to the server time

[Special Bonus Event]

To help you grow in new servers, we have prepared the following events.
Achieve your level during the event and get your reward!

1.Event Period: Until June 8 2020, before the maintenance to prepare for the Finals.
2.Event Reward: Reach the specific level and receive the rewards via the in-game mailbox.

Thank you.
Read up on the event in greater detail at the links below.