*Maintenance finished on 01:37 PST. Enjoy!

Hello Flyffers,
We are going to have scheduled server maintenance today.
For further details, please read below:

Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2020.04.09 00:00 PST ~ 02:00 PST*
*2 hr ETA, subject to change

Package Shop

We have added a new in-game feature, Package Shop!
Here are the details on how it works.
* All screenshots are taken from a development build of the game and the specific items may differ from the final version.

Package Shop

The Package shop can be found in the Shop menu with a new tab called “Package”.
There are multiple different categories of packages that are sold at the same time. Each category has their respective titles attached to them, which could be dragged right to reveal more categories.

Purchasing a package

When you click the package’s currency value you will get a separate menu of confirming your purchase, as well as viewing the detailed items you will receive when you purchase the package.
Each package is either sold with cash or in-game currencies, such as Soulbound Penya, Penya, Soulbound Diamonds or Diamonds. Packages sold with cash will provide VIP points accordingly with the price of purchase.

Purchase Limit

Each package has a purchase limit of either daily, weekly, monthly or none. These purchase limits can be renewed regardless of purchasing each pack and the remaining time until the package can be purchased again will be indicated on the bottom in the order of days, hours and minutes.

April Spring Festival Collection Event

WHEN: 2020.4.10 ~ 4.23 23:59
(The event starts and ends accordingly to each servers' timezone)

You will receive item "Letter A" when you complete dungeons or other tasks each day. You can then trade these item "Letter A" for other items in the Treasure Trove.

Where to get the item "Letter A" (Daily):

  • Complete 1 Story Dungeon: 5 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 Duel: 5 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 Daily Dungeon: 5 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 Party Dungeon: 5 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 Tomb of Ankou: 5 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 La Christiana: 5 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 Colosseum: 10 items of "Letter A"
  • Complete 1 Hanging Dungeon: 3 items of "Letter A"
You can trade these item "Letter A" for the following items in the Treasure Trove:

  • Special Zodiac Box : Obtain 1 of the following items at random
    [10K Special Badge of Honor / 10K Special Badge of Glory / 300K Special Stardust / 500K Special Stardust / 1M Special Stardust]
Item "Letter A" will not be drop after 4.23.2020 23:59. HOWEVER, you can still exchange items until 4.24.2020 23:59. After the exchange period, the item will be deleted from your bag on maintenance after that period. Before that you can sell them for SB Penya.


When: 2020.4.9 After Maintenance ~ 4.16 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: During the event period, the success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance. 

Limited Gacha Event

When: 2020.4.10 ~ 4.15 23:59
(This event will start and end based on the time zone of each server)
*The event will end early if all the prizes for the Limited Gacha has been depleted.
Description: You can obtain random items in this Limited Gacha. Use this chance to obtain various items and a chance to win a rare prize!
All prizes are Soulbound unless specified.

SB Penya Gacha

Cost of 1 Gacha : 1M SB Penya
Cost of 10 Gacha : 10M SB Penya

Here is the list of prizes available!

SB Diamond Gacha

Cost of 1 Gacha : 90 SB Diamond
Cost of 10 Gacha : 900 SB Diamond

Here is the list of prizes available!


-The Flyff Legacy Global Team