Greetings Flyffers,

We're announcing some upcoming server merges, which will take place on October 24.

For further details, please read below.

★Server Merges★

WHEN: 2019.10.24
- H-US servers 01:00 [UTC-5] ~ *ends along with regular maintenance
- H-EU servers 03:00 [UTC+2] ~ *1hr estimated
- H-Asia servers 09:00 [UTC+8] ~ *1hr estimated
*subject to change





The following will be applied after the server merge and the scheduled maintenance on October 24 2019:

1. The maximum level will be unlocked. Players will now be able to raise their character level to up to the maximum of 900.

2. The Preliminary Arena will begin on October 25 2019, 21:00 server time. For more detail on the Preliminary please refer to this:

3. Even after the server merge, players will still be able to choose which server they want to play or create their characters on.

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team