Q: Do I need to create a character at a certain time to participate in the event?
A: No. All characters who unlock the Arena feature on the event server can participate.

Q: Is there a restriction in creating a character?
A: There are no unique restrictions in creating a new character for the event servers. However, you are limited to level 399 before the preliminary tournament and only one character can participate per account so it is best that you focus on one character.

Q: When can I enter the Arena?
A: Arena will open when you complete Main Quest 145.

Q: Can I participate in the Halloween Festival with a character I already have?
A: No. To ensure fairness, all participants will need to raise a new character in dedicated new servers.

Q: What happens to the characters created on the event servers after the Halloween Festival ends?
A: Do not worry. After the Halloween Festival ends, all characters on the event server can continue as per normal.

Q: What if Arena are full so I can’t enter?
A: Arena is limited to 50 players each. It is joined by a First-come-first-served manner so make sure you’re ready to join as quickly as you can! The Arena’s schedule will be held accordingly to your server’s region so please make sure not to miss it!

Q: What is the costume given as prizes?
A: It’s a brand new costume with superior stats, made in commemoration of the Halloween Festival. Detailed stats information will be released later. Please look forward to it!

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Wish you the best of luck in the Halloween Festival!

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