*Maintenance finished on 01:12 PST. Enjoy!

Hello Flyffers,
We are going to have scheduled server maintenance today.
For further details, please read below:

Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2019.09.26 00:00 PST ~ 02:00 PST*
*2 hr ETA, subject to change


Costume Gacha Ranking Contest

WHEN: 2019.9.26 After Maintenance~ 10.2 23:59
(The event starts and ends accordingly to each servers' timezone)

DESCRIPTION: Get a chance to draw multiple very rare costumes and win prizes!

Here are the details how the contest works:

1. You can earn 1 point per 1 Diamond spent in the Costume Gacha.

2. Once you have reached enough points for a “total point reward”, it will be delivered immediately to your mailbox.

3. Depending on your ranking(Rank 1~5), you will get very special rewards!


1. Points are rewarded only for the Costume Gacha that has been done during the event period.

2. Your points can be viewed in real-time within the event menu.

3. Rankings are tallied after receiving more than 1 point during the event period. If the minimum points required by each ranking has not been met, only the lower ranking reward that has met the minimum point requirement will be obtainable.

If you are in Rank 4 with 3,000 points then you will only qualify for the Rank 5 reward.

[Minimum required points per ranking]
1st: Minimum of 20,000 points needs to be earned
2nd: Minimum of 15,000 points needs to be earned
3rd: Minimum of 8,000 points needs to be earned
4th: Minimum of 5,000 points needs to be earned
5th: Minimum of 3,000 points needs to be earned

4. If there is a case where a player receives a lower ranking reward due to not meeting the minimum required points, players with a lower ranking than the person who received the lower ranking reward will receive the reward below that ranking in order.

If Player A comes is in Rank 3 but only gets 6,000 points, then they will be able to receive the Rank 4 reward, and Player B who is Rank 4 with 5,300 points will be able to receive the Rank 5 reward.

5. Reward per ranking will only be given to 1 person. Even if you are in the ranking of which a reward is given, if there is a person who meets the criteria mentioned above and a higher ranking person receives the reward for Rank 5, players with the ranking below that will not receive rewards.

Let’s say the ranking is listed as Rank 1 20000 Points, Rank 2 6000 Points, Rank 3 4000 Points, Rank 4 3000 Points, and Rank 5 2000 Points. The reward actually given will be Rank 1 – Rank 1 Reward, Rank 2 – Rank 4 reward, Rank 3 – Rank 5 Reward, Ranking below that – No reward.

6. In case of a tie, the player who reached that point first will be placed in a higher ranking.

7. Point Ranking Rewards and Total Point Rewards are all sent as Soulbounded items to your mail. Point Ranking Reward is delivered after the event is finished.

The prize item for Rank 1 has a Random Special Costume Box along with the new costume. This contains special costumes that were available for limited time only. The item in the Total Point reward has an item Random Costume Box, which contains costumes from the Costume Gacha menu.

Limited Gacha Event

When: 2019.09.27 ~ 10.02 00:00
(This event will start and end based on the time zone of each server)
*The event will end early if all the prizes for the Limited Gacha has been depleted.
Description: You can obtain random items in this Limited Gacha. Use this chance to obtain various items and a chance to win a rare prize!
All prizes are Soulbound unless specified.

Penya Gacha

Cost of 1 Gacha : 1M Penya
Cost of 10 Gacha : 10M Penya

Here is the list of prizes available!
*This prize is not Soulbound.

SB Penya Gacha

Cost of 1 Gacha : 1M SB Penya
Cost of 10 Gacha : 10M SB Penya

Here is the list of prizes available!


Boss Buster Event

WHEN: After the maintenance on 2019.09.26 ~ 10.1 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: Story dungeon and Hanging Dungeon Bosses have chance to drop "Essential Goody Box" and "My Precious Box"
"Essential Goody Box" may drop in all Story Dungeons and Hanging Dungeons.
"My Precious Box" may drop in "Hanging Mansion" Story Dungeon and up.
"My Precious Box" may drop in "Dwarpet Ruins" Hanging Dungeon and up.

★Essential Goody Box Drop Table*:
  • 1x Crystal
  • 1x Oricalkum
  • 1x Bag of Penya (50,000)
  • 1x Shiny Crystal
  • 1x Shiny Oricalkum
  • 1x Tier 3 Random Epic Gear coupon
  • 1x Scroll of Protection
  • 2x Scroll of Protection
  • 1x Revive Stone
  • 1x Special Badge of Glory (100)
  • 1x Special Badge of Honor (100)
*You will get one of the drops listed above

★My Precious Box Drop Table*:
  • 40x Crystals
  • 40x Shiny Crystals
  • 5x Bag of Penya (10,000,000)
  • 40x Oricalkums
  • 40x Shiny Oricalkums
  • 30x Revive Stone
  • 1x Tier 5 Epic Gear Coupon
  • 2x Special Badges of Glory (50,000)
  • 4x Special Badges of Honor (50,000)
  • 15x Special Stardust (100,000)
  • 1x Scroll of Protection
  • 3x Scroll of Protection
  • 5x Scroll of Protection
*You will get one of the drops listed above



WHEN: After the maintenance on 2019.9.26 ~ 10.1 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: During the event period, the success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance. 

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team