Greetings Flyffers,
We're announcing some upcoming server merges today. For further details, please read below.

★Server Merges★

WHEN: 2019.8.21
- KR+TW→Asia PK-1 Server 11:00 [UTC+9] ~ *6hr estimated
- JP→Asia NonPK-1 Server 15:30 [UTC+9] ~ *1.5 hr estimated
*subject to change

+[[OLD] Taiwan+Taiwan1+Taiwan2+Taiwan3+ Taiwan4+FWC-TW-1+FWC-TW-2]
→[Asia PK-1]
*Server time for TW region servers will be adjusted by 1 hour and will be changed from GMT+8 to GMT+9. KR region servers' time will remain the same at GMT+9. All players should note that all schedules of starting and/or ending time for events or battles, etc. in the game, is based on the server time. For example, the schedule of Cloud Crater, Arena, Colosseum, Nightmare Island (Team), Forgotten Village (Guild), etc. is based on the server time. ( Please also take note of the time difference between your local time and server time.)

→[Asia NonPK-1]



WHEN: 2019.8.21 ~ 9.3
DESCRIPTION: Make your first purchase of Flyff Legacy and get White Tiger and 3x Scroll of Protection! (White Tiger gives Max HP + 1%)



WHEN: 2019.8.21 ~ 8.27
DESCRIPTION: Log in and receive new rewards every day! (New Merged Servers Only)
  • 8/21 ► 1x Epic Gear Chest
  • 8/22 ► 100 SB Diamonds
  • 8/23 ► Pet Gacha Coupon
  • 8/24 ► Item Gacha Coupon
  • 8/25 ► 1,000 Beads Powders
  • 8/26 ► 5,000 Badge of Glory
  • 8/27 ► 10,000 Badge of Honor
-Flyff Legacy Global Team