*Maintenance finished on 02:31 PST. Enjoy!
*Maintenance has been extended by 1 hour. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Flyffers,
Today we will have schedule server maintenance along with the new patch and an event update.
For further details, please read below:

Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2019.7.18 00:00 PST ~ 02:00 PST*
*2 hr ETA, subject to change

[3.1.72 Patchnotes]

-Added GDPR Policy
-Fixed Minor bugs
*The Ad feature is provided by a 3rd party partner and videos loading depends on your location so it might take a while until offers appear.

New Feature

We have added additional options of viewing Ads for more chances in our content.

This feature has been added to the following contents:
* All screenshots are taken from a development build of the game and the specific reward and amount of times available may differ from the final version.

Free Reward

Free Reward(Ad) Menu has been added under the To Do List menu.
In this menu users can view a certain amount of Ads specified in the menu to receive an item shown in the menu.

The progress bar will notify you how many ads you need to watch before you can receive the reward item. You can repeat this process the number of times specified in the menu.

Free Gacha

You can draw more times by watching Ads in the Free Item Gacha and Free Pet Gacha menu!
This is separate from our current Free Gacha and if the Free Gacha (currently every 36 hours) is available the original Free Gacha takes priority over the Free Gacha after watching advertisement.
The number of times this feature can be used indicated by the numbers under “View Ad” text.

Hanging Dungeon (recovering FP)

You can use the Hanging Dungeon menu to recover FP when your FP is lower than the amount required for 1 round of the Hanging Dungeon. (Currently 1300 FP)

When your FP is below the FP required for a Hanging Dungeon the Create Party button will change into “Free FP Recovery(Ad)” button.

Upon using the Free FP Recovery button a menu will prompt to ask if you want to recover FP after viewing an Ad. The amount of FP recovered will be the amount required for 1 round of the Hanging Dungeon. After viewing the Ad, the “View Ad” button will change into an OK button and FP will be recovered upon using that button.
The amount of times this feature can be used is written in the same menu.


Previously, after using up the 10 free Duel chances you will need to spend 10 Diamonds for an extra chance. Now you can have more free chances after viewing an Ad.

This menu will only appear after you have spent your 10 free Daily Duels and when you choose to challenge again. You will be prompted whether you want to view an Ad or spend Diamonds for an extra Duel chance. After viewing the Ad, the “View Ad” button will change into “Enter” button, which can be used to Enter a Duel with the user you chose to challenge.
The daily limit progress is indicated by numbers under the “View Ad” text. Entering the Duel after viewing Ads is not counted towards the Diamond Entry and vice versa.

Monster Lair

You can view Ads to enter the Monster Lair additional times.

Previously you would have had to use Diamonds for extra entry into Monster Lair but now you can view Ads instead for extra time.

After viewing Ads, you will be able to spend 10 more minutes in the Monster Lair each time. You will be able to enter the Monster Lair up to 3 more times per day. This limit is shared with the Diamond using option so please keep this in mind when you are using this function.
Also as Monster Lair’s total timer resets at 00:00 server time and any extra entry time remaining at that period (whether it be earned via Ads or Diamonds) will be gone and there is no compensation for it so please keep this in mind when you are using the extra entry into Monster Lair.
The number of times each contents can be used using the Ad feature and how many times you need to view Ads per content are like the following:

Regarding the Ad feature, here are some common things to keep in mind.

  1. All Ad contents have a wait time after viewing them once and you need to wait until viewing the next Ad. Wait times may differ by content.
  2. All Ad contents have a daily limit. Daily limit may differ by content.
  3. All daily limits are reset after 00:00, server time. If you have progress or unused chances to use additional content after viewing the ads, they will reset back to 0 after 00:00 so please make sure to use it before that.
  4. After you view an Ad for the different contents, your additional chances or confirmation button will remain there even if you exit the menu or the game until you spend it or if it resets after 00:00 server time. However, this may cause unexpected results or errors so it is recommended that you use the contents available as soon as possible.
  5. If you force to close the game or if the game crashes during an Ad, it will not count towards viewing the Ad so please try again.
*The Ad feature is provided by a 3rd party partner and videos loading depends on your location so it might take a while until offers appear.


Ready, Set, Duel!

When: 2019.07.18 After Maintenance ~ 07.25 00:00 PST

Description: Climb the Duel rankings and win rewards with a multiplier with Ready, Set Duel! To participate in the event, go to Challenge - Duel and challenge other players to earn points and increase your Duel ranking.

The top 50 duelists of every server will receive enhanced prizes once per day. You will receive a prize depending on your Duel ranking, which is refreshed at every 00:00 every day, server time. Rank 1 to 3 can earn 5 times the normal reward, Rank 4 to 10 can earn 3 times, and Rank 11 to 50 can earn 2 times the normal reward.

Please refer to the table below for the event rewards depending on your Duel rank.

Each reward must be claimed manually once per day from Challenge – Duel – Rewards menu. If the reward is not claimed manually, it will not be given out automatically and you will have the opportunity to receive a new reward 24 hours after you have claimed your reward.

Time to Upgrade Brooms!

  • When: 2019.07.18 After maintenance ~ 07.25 00:00 PST
  • DESCRIPTION: Time to upgrade your brooms with double of the original progress rate.


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2019.7.18 ~ 7.25 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: During the event period, the success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance. 


-The Flyff Legacy Global Team