Tap the "Party x0" text below your character portrait to access the party menu.
You can create and manage your party from there, and search nearby parties and users.

You can invite up to 3 other players to join a party from the nearby users, your friend list or by just tapping on another player portrait in the game world.
However you can only party up with players in the same zone, and you will quit the party if you leave the zone!

The party leader can also decide how loot will be distributed:
  • Free for All: anyone can loot anything.
  • Round Robin: party members will take turns to get the loot.
  • Dice Roll: players can roll the dice and get the loot if they win.
Once in a party, your Mastery Skill buff will apply to all party members nearby, try to build up a balanced party to benefit from all character classes buffs!

WARNING: the "Quit Party" button will automatically disband the party if you are the party leader, there will be no confirmation required.