*Maintenance finished on 01:48 PST. Enjoy!

Hello Flyffers,
Today we will have schedule server maintenance along with the new patch and an event update.
For further details, please read below:

Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2019.6.13 00:00 PST ~ 02:00 PST*
*2 hr ETA, subject to change

[3.1.53 Patchnotes]
-Added New Packages (24Days Package, 180Days Package)
-Changed 30-Day Package (Now able to retrieve past rewards unless the package has expired)
-Added Rental Bag
-Fixed Minor Bugs

Rental Bag

Description: If you don't have enough inventory slots, you can now rent 15 additional slots for 30 days. Rental Bag is always located on the last page of the inventory.
  • Items in the Rental Bag can use the same features of "Sell, Dismantle, Divide, Sort, and Use" as the existing bag
  • Rental Bag's usage will start immediately after purchase and is NOT refundable.
  • When the rental period has expired, items in the Rental Bag have to be moved to the normal bag or Rental Bag has be to repurchased in order for the items to be usable again. To move items to the normal bag when expired, simply touch the items in your Rental Bag and they will move into the normal bag automatically.

New Packages for sale!

We have 2 new packages on sale for a limited time along with the existing 30-Days Package.
WHEN: 2019.06.13 After Maintenance ~ 2019.07.11 Before Maintenance

Upon requests from our players, the following will be changed:

  • Reward -30-days Package section will be changed to Reward-Daily Benefit.
  • The original 30-days Package and the newly added 180-days Package will be changed so that if you have rewards that you have missed by not logging in, as long as there is period remaining on the package you can log-in to receive the previous items you have missed.

The above features will be implemented after maintenance on 2019.06.13 and those who have package periods that hasn’t expired will be able to use this feature. However, if your package has already expired, there will be no additional compensation made.
Also even if the package sale ends, as long as your package period doesn’t expire you will be able to continue receiving items from that package.
Please see below for details on the newly added packages.

Daily Oricalkum Package

Description: Receive up to a total of 116 Oricalkums, 70 Shining Oricalkums and 70 Glorious Oricalkums over a 24 day period. This package can be purchased with SB Diamonds!

You can earn the following items:

  • If you don't have enough SB Diamonds when purchasing, Diamonds will be used instead.
  • The remaining time decreases immediately after purchase and the package is NOT refundable.

180-Days Package

Description: This is a package to thank those who are with Flyff every day. You can receive a total of 4,400 Diamonds and 18,000 SB Diamonds over 180 days at the best discount rate.

You can earn the following by purchasing this package:

  • After the purchase you can touch the [Receive] button to immediately receive the items to your inventory from 'Reward-Daily Benefit-180-Days Package'.
  • Don't worry if you missed a day.  You can receive all the items you missed by pressing the [Receive] button at 'Reward-Daily Benefit-180-Days Package' within the remaining period of the package.
  • Be cautious as you will NOT be able to receive the missed items when the remaining period of the package has expired and NO compensation will be given for the missed items.


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2019.06.13 ~ 06.20 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: Time to buy some Gacha! SHOCKING sale on 10x Gacha Packages! Only for a LIMITED time! 
NOTE: The times reflect when the event will start and finish in PST time zone.
  • 10x Costume Gacha 900 Diamonds -> 777 Diamonds
  • 10x Item Gacha 1350 Diamonds -> 777 Diamonds
  • 10x Pet Gacha 1350 Diamonds -> 777 Diamonds


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2019.06.13 ~ 06.20 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: The Blessing of God in Madrigal is bestowed upon you for a limited time! Enjoy their blessing while fusing Blessed gear, and reap the benefits! 
NOTE: This also affects Ultimate gear fuses! Enjoy!
  • 1x Blessed Gears: Blessed Chance Rate 33% -> 50%!
  • 2x Blessed Gears: Blessed Chance Rate 66% -> 75%!
"Blessing Chance Rate" will be increased during this event. 
3x Blessed Gears is always 100% Blessed Chance Rate.

Boss Buster Event

WHEN: After the maintenance on 2019.06.13 ~ 06.20 00:00 PST
DESCRIPTION: Story dungeon and Hanging Dungeon Bosses have chance to drop "Essential Goody Box" and "My Precious Box"
"Essential Goody Box" may drop in all Story Dungeons and Hanging Dungeons.
"My Precious Box" may drop in "Hanging Mansion" Story Dungeon and up.
"My Precious Box" may drop in "Dwarpet Ruins" Hanging Dungeon and up.

★Essential Goody Box Drop Table*:
  • 1x Crystal
  • 1x Oricalkum
  • 1x Bag of Penya (50,000)
  • 1x Shiny Crystal
  • 1x Shiny Oricalkum
  • 1x Tier 3 Random Epic Gear coupon
  • 1x Scroll of Protection
  • 2x Scroll of Protection
  • 1x Revive Stone
  • 1x Special Badge of Glory (100)
  • 1x Special Badge of Honor (100)
*You will get one of the drops listed above

★My Precious Box Drop Table*:
  • 40x Crystals
  • 40x Shiny Crystals
  • 5x Bag of Penya (10,000,000)
  • 40x Oricalkums
  • 40x Shiny Oricalkums
  • 30x Revive Stone
  • 1x Tier 5 Epic Gear Coupon
  • 2x Special Badges of Glory (50,000)
  • 4x Special Badges of Honor (50,000)
  • 15x Special Stardust (100,000)
  • 1x Scroll of Protection
  • 3x Scroll of Protection
  • 5x Scroll of Protection
*You will get one of the drops listed above
-The Flyff Legacy Global Team