*We are sorry for the delay. iOS update is available in most countries now. If the iOS update is still not available please try refreshing the Apple App Store update section or it might be that the update is still rolling out to different countries in turn. If this is the case we kindly ask you to please wait a little longer.

* We are sorry the delay. Finally, the maintenance will end and we will be delaying the Dungeon Crawler event to start on May 18th 00:00 according to each server's timezone. After the servers open, iOS users will not be able to connect to the game unless they update their app. Additionally, it seems that the update is available in some regions but not in other regions. If the update is not available on the App Store in your region you might have to wait a little longer. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused and especially to our iOS users.

*We will be extending the maintenance indefinitely. We are currently waiting for the Apple App Store update to be deployed. Other Apps on the Apple App Store are currently facing similar difficulties and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We will be posting an update on this issue as it develops.

*Maintenance will be extended for an extra 1 hour until 04:00 PST due to Apple App Store update being delayed. We apologize for this delay and hope the issue resolves soon.

*Maintenance will be extended for 1 hour, until 03:00 PST. The Apple App Store update is currently being delayed. We apologize for the delay.

Hello Flyffers,
Today we will have schedule server maintenance along with the new patch and an event update.
For further details, please read below:

Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2019.5.16 00:00 PST ~ 02:00 PST*
*2 hr ETA, subject to change

[3.1.40 Patch Note]

- Added new event
- Changed the Penya Collector Achievement (Before: Penya Amassed, After: Penya Obtained by Hunting)
- Fixed various bugs

Dungeon Crawler Event

When: 2019.05.18 00:00 ~ 05.25 00:00
(This event will start and end based on the time zone of each server)

Description: You can obtain various high value items by reaching clear counts for dungeons.
A special reward of 10,000 Diamonds will be rewarded to 1 person per server with the most clears of the Dungeons.

For event rewards please take a look at the chart below for more details.

  • The Dungeon Clear count for this event only counts Story, Daily, and Party Dungeons. Please keep this in mind when proceeding with this event.
  • You can check the Dungeon Clear status in the in-game menu of ‘Treasure Trove’-‘Dungeon Crawler’. You can receive the rewards only by claiming it manually within this menu each time you reach the required clear count.
  • The reward for Clear Count Rank No. 1 will be automatically delivered via the mail-box after the event finishes.
  • If there are more than 2 people with the same clear count corresponding to Rank 1, the first person to reach the highest clear count will become Rank 1. If there is a case where the time is the same due to the being in a Party dungeon, the person with the highest CP at the end of the event will be Rank 1.

Time to Upgrade Brooms!

  • When: 2019.05.16 After maintenance ~ 05.23 00:00 PST
  • DESCRIPTION: Time to upgrade your brooms with double of the original progress rate.

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team