Hello Flyffers

Today we are pleased to announce the Team Battle Finals Result for the Flyff Legacy World Championship!

Without further ado here are the results:

The winning team will be rewarded with the Gold Lion Pet Coupon as previously announced.

The losing team will be rewarded with the Silver Lion Pet Coupon. However, due to some technical difficulties on our side there were users who were not able to participate in the Team Battle Finals even though they were supposed to. So as a compensation to those who were qualified for the finals but could not enter we would like to give a Silver Lion Pet coupon to those as well. However, unlike the rewards for those who have participated, this has to be given out manually. So those who would like to be rewarded have to contact us by submitting a ticket through our Helpshift Helpdesk with their character name, server name, and 3 previous receipts of purchase (for verification) in the ticket.

Here the instructions to exchanging your pet coupons:

Pet Exchange Coupon Rewards

-The pet coupon number can be checked through the 'FWC Coupon' icon which will be visible on the servers. The new icon will be visible after the server maintenance on 25/04/2019
-In the case of coupon items, they can be redeemed only once and on any server of your choice.

For the Individual Rank 1 ~ 3, the person will be rewarded with 13,500, 9,000, and 4,500 diamonds respective to their ranking.

Thank you and once again congratulations to all of the winners!

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team