Hello Flyffers!

Our Flyff Legacy Global World Championships Final is finally here! Check below for our schedule, how to connect, and what to expect.

Please see the Final schedule below and remember the date/time!

The Finals will be held on separate new server, as shown below.

1. Arena Final
- Arena of the final day will be held 3 times in total, and all players who qualified from the Preliminaries can enter all three rounds.
- The basic rules of the Arena are the same as regular servers.
- When the last Arena match ends, the ranking will be determined by the sum of all points earned in each Finals Arena.
- Therefore, players can earn more points depending on the number of times you participate.
- In addition, only 50 players can participate in the Finals Arena at one time, so make sure you’re ready at the starting line!

2. Team Battle Final
-During the Final, the Team Battlefield is held only once.
-Only 50 players promoted from the main tournament who enter the Team Battlefield can compete,  first come first served.
-The basic rules for the Team Battlefields are the same as regular servers.

3. The Final Result
-FWC Final results will be posted via Facebook and Helpshift within 7 days of the Final concluding.

Good luck to all finalists, and may the best Flyffer win!
Flyff Legacy Global Team