Hello Flyffers!

To ensure a smoother operation of the upcoming tournament, we will be postponing the Preliminary and Final for the Flyff Legacy World Championship by one week, and it will now take place on the 3rd-5th of April.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused by this delay!

The tournament stages will be held on separate new servers, as shown below; one for each of North America, EU & South America, and Asia.

As we announced before, the Arena will be held three times throughout the day, and Team Battlefield will be held only once.

a) Arena (*See the full schedule below.)
 - The Arena will be held three times a day in the Tournament server.
 - You can participate in the arena Final if you score in the top 15 in any of the three arenas held on the day of the Tournament.
 b) Team Battlefield - aka Nightmare Island (*See the full schedule below.)
 - On the Tournament server, the team battlefield will be held only once.
 - Only 50 players on a first-come-first-served basis are allowed to participate, and all winning teams qualify for the Team Battlefield Final.

- The Tournament server runs only on the day of your local Preliminaries, and all data will be deleted after completing the event.
- Items used in the Tournament server and equipment status do not affect the character status on its original server.
- All in-app billing will be unavailable on the Tournament server.
- This does not extend the amount of time available to prepare for the tournament, each server will still only get 5 weeks of preparation time.