[2019 FWC] FAQ

Q: Can I create a character only for a certain period of time to participate in the event?
A: No. All characters who open Arena and Team battlefield from the event server to each pre-tournament area can participate.

Q: When can I enter the Arena and Team Battlefield?
A: Arena and Team Battlegrounds will open when you complete Main Quest 145.

Q: Can I participate in the World Championship with a character I already have?
A: No. To ensure fairness, all participants will train in dedicated new servers for five weeks.

Q: What happens to the characters created on the event servers after the FWC event ends?
A: Do not worry. Even after the World Championship ends, all characters on the event server can continue as per normal.

Q : The event servers open at different times. Isn’t the first server to open more advantageous?
A : All of the character information is moved exactly 5 weeks after each server’s opening date,
so everyone will have the same timeframe to level up and prepare.

Q : Can I use the items I have on the new server in the main tournament or finals?
A: Yes. Items that were equipped and items in the bag that were held just before the maintenance will move to the tournament servers and will be usable.

Q: What happens if I purchase items on the tournament servers, or I upgrade my equipment?
A: In-app purchase is blocked because all tournament servers will be deleted after the event, losing any character progress.

Q: What do I do with my FWC coins for participation?
A : If you use it, you will receive 1,000 SB Diamonds.You can also keep it as a souvenir!

Q: What if FWCArena and Team Battlefield are full so I can’t enter?
A: Arena and Team Battlefield are limited to 50 players each. Make sure you’re ready to join as quick as you can! The Arena will also be on 3 times per day, so you’ll have more than one chance.

Q: What are those pets and costumes given as prizes?
A: Brand new pets and costumes with superior stats, made in commemoration of the FWC.
Detailed stats information will be released later. Look forward to it!

FAQs can be added from time to time, depending on the status of your inquiry.
If you have any other questions, please contact Customer Center.
Hope to see you at the Flyff Legacy World Championship!