Thank you to all Flyffers waiting for the Flyff Legacy World Championship!

Read below to learn how to level up
a character in the new server and how to participate in the qualification for the World Championship. Please read the following carefully.

[World Championship] Preliminary

1. Create a character on your desired server, and level your character rapidly until the 5 weeks’ maintenance day.

2. Connect to the server dedicated to the event according to the event schedule for each region group.

3. The characters who are fostered by the new server.
 a) Arena (*Tournament time schedule will be announced later.)
 - The Arena is held three times a day in the Tournament server.
 - You can participate in the arena final if you score in the top 15 of any of the three arenas held on the day of the Tournament.
 b) Team Battlefield - aka Nightmare Island (*Tournament time schedule will be announced later.)
 - On the Tournament server, the team battlefield is held only once.
 - Only 50 players on a first-come-first-served basis are allowed to participate, and all winning teams qualify for the Team Battlefield Final.

4. All participants will receive a “2019 FWC Coin” as a souvenir.
-2019 FWC Coin (not available for trading / if you use it, you will receive 1,000 SB Diamonds)
-2019 FWC coins are paid in the original characters entered, so they can be used at the
event server.
-If you participate in the main tournament several times, you can receive more coins (up to 4 can be collected).


- The Tournament server runs only on the day of your local Main Tournament, and all data will be deleted after completing the event.
- Items used in the Tournament server and equipment status do not affect the character status on its original server.
- All in-app billing will be unavailable on the Tournament server.

[Special Bonus Event]

To help you grow in new servers, we have prepared the following events.
Achieve your level during the event and get your reward!

1.Event Period: 5 weeks from each new server's opening date. (before the maintenance)
2.Event Reward : Reach the specific level and receive the rewards via the in-game mailbox.

Thank you.

Read up on the event in greater detail at the links below.