PK stands for "Player Killing" and means attacking and killing a player who wasn't willing to engage in player vs player combat.

In Flyff Legacy, you can attack anyone in the open world zones. To activate the PK, tap the button under your character portrait and change from Peace to Warfare, Friendly, or Revenge.

If you kill too many players, your PK disposition will increase and your character will then be considered "Chaotic". If you get this status, your CP/Stats will drop temporarily until you lose the Chaotic status.

You must decrease your PK disposition to get rid of the Chaotic status, which is possible via 1 of 3 ways:
  1. Enter a Safe Zone, then your Bad Karma will decrease by 10 points per minute.
  2. Kill a player with more than 200 Bad Karma, then your Bad Karma will decrease by 50 points (only possible once for each character).
  3. Use a Potion of Atonement, then your Bad Karma will decrease by 200 points (limited to 10 uses per day).