The VIP system is a way to give extra rewards and benefits to players who purchase Diamonds or Packages in the Shop, as a way to thank them for their support and keeping the service alive :)

How can I get VIP Points?
Your VIP level is based on the amount of Diamonds or other Packages you purchased in the Premium Shop or Treasure Trove (1 Diamond or price equivalent = 1 VIP Point)

You can also get 30 Free VIP Points per day by completing the Daily Activities in the "Rewards" menu! Don't miss them!

Once you reach the required threshold, your VIP level will increase automatically.
For instance, you need 50 VIP points to become VIP1.
Note that the Diamonds received as gift or in the auction house are not included in the VIP level calculation.

What are the VIP perks?
The VIP level ranges from 1 to 12 and gives various perks to players:
  • Reward Gift Packs at each level
  • Stats buff which increase at each level
  • Remove access to Storage and Potion Shop (from VIP3)
  • Various benefits for each level
You can check the list of VIP Benefits and Rewards at each VIP level by tapping the "VIP" button in the main window.

The benefits listed are the full list of advantages for a given VIP level, they are NOT additional benefits to the previous VIP level.  For instance, your chance to upgrade increases by 1% at VIP1, 2, and 3. If you want to increase your chances by 2%, you will have to reach VIP4. :)