Greetings Flyffers,
We will be having a server maintenance on November 14 at 00:00 PST to have new patch, new update, and new event!

Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2018.11.14 00:00 PST ~ 03:00 PST*
*3 hr ETA, subject to change

Patch Notes:

  • New Continent (Bahara Desert)
  • New Arena Tournament
  • Max Level raised to 900
  • Enhanced Costume Collection UI in order to improve the efficiency of Costumes and Collections
  • When second-class characters die, their HP restores 75% (changed from 50% to 75%)
  • The required resources for Ultimate Awakening is reduced for 1/10 of the previous requirement. The success rate is reduced for 1/10 of the previous rate as well.


1. The Arena Tournament opens at 20:30 server time every day.

2. During the Arena Tournament, auto-reviving is unavailable. You will have to use Revive Stones or Diamonds to revive. Please make sure to prepare yourself before entry!
*If you do not revive, you will be eliminated.
  • At the first death, you need 1 Revive Stone or 5 Diamonds to revive.
  • At the second death, you need 4 Revive Stones or 25 Diamonds to revive.
  • At the third death, you need 8 Revive Stones or 45 Diamonds to revive.
  • At the fourth death, you need 12 Revive Stones or 65 Diamonds to revive.
  • At the fifth death and above, you need 16 Revive Stones or 85 Diamonds to revive.

3. During the qualifier, there will be total of 3 rooms open and each room has a maximum capacity of 50 players. Every player who completed the qualifier will receive 3 Glorious Crystals.

4. The Top 10 from each qualifier room will enter the final.

5. After the final, the 1st place winner will receive 50 Glorious Orikalcums, 2nd gets 40 GO, 3rd gets 30 GO, 4th gets 20 GO, 5th gets 10 GO, and 6th to 50th get 3 GO by mail.
*The 1st place winner will have the special title and buff in addition to other prizes.

6. If the same player becomes the 1st place winner from both the Arena and the Arena Tournament, they will receive a more powerful buff.


WHEN: 2018.11.14 ~ 11.20
DESCRIPTION: Login and receive new rewards everyday!
  • 11/14 T5 Epic Gear Coupon
  • 11/15 T5 Epic Accessory Coupon
  • 11/16 T6 Epic Gear Coupon
  • 11/17 Special Badge of Glory (10,000)
  • 11/18 Special Badge of Honor (10,000)
  • 11/19 300 SB Diamonds
  • 11/20 500 SB Diamonds


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2018.11.14 ~ 11.21 23:59 PST
DESCRIPTION: Your success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance! Don't miss this chance to activate Zodiac signs faster than others!


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2018.11.14 ~ 11.21 23:59 PST
DESCRIPTION: The success rate of creating gems is doubled of the original rate! Don't miss this chance to create more gems than anyone else!
- Blessing of God and 777 Events will end after the maintenance.
- Spooky Halloween Event will be extended to November 21 23:59 PST.

We appreciate your patience.
-Flyff Legacy Global Team