Flyff Legacy lets you earn many types of resources and materials.
Some are referred as "Soulbound" (or "SB") which means they are bound to your character and can't be used for trading in the auction house.
  • Penya: Gear Upgrade, Transaction between users, Learn Skills, Zodiac Upgrade, Potion Shop, Daily Exchange, etc.
  • Soulbound Penya: Gear Upgrade, Learn Skills, Zodiac Upgrade, Potion Shop, Create Guild, etc.
  • Diamond: Gacha, Auction House, Shop Pet Decompose, Purchase Limited Items, Expand Bag, etc.
  • Soulbound Diamond: Soulbound Diamond Shop, Buffs, etc.
  • Magic Powder: Skills Upgrade, Fuse Items, Exchange Items, etc.
  • Stardust: Zodiac Upgrade
  • Crystal, Shining Crystal: Broom Upgrade
  • Heart: Pet Upgrade
  • Beads Powder : Beads Purchase for Pet Mount & Upgrade