A new event for Halloween is here!
We invite you to our Halloween Costume Party!


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2018.10.19 ~ 11.16 00:00
Shuffle the Costume Collection for a chance to get Special Event Collection.
Activate Special Event Collection and earn 5,000 Diamonds!

*Special Event Collection includes:
  • Hatted Witch (Available in Special Package)
  • Horned Devil (Available in Special Package)
  • Pumpkin Man (Available in Special Package)
  • Franky (Available in Special Package and Costume Gacha)
  • Harley Queen (Available in Special Package and Costume Gacha)
  • Zombie Nurse (Available in Special Package and Costume Gacha)
  • Bunny Girl (Available in Costume Gacha)
  • Bunny Man (Available in Costume Gacha)

Costume Collection bonus for Special Event Collection, as follows, is permanent and will not be reduced after the event is over:
  • Max HP: 96,488
  • Accuracy: 1,948
  • Physical Attack Buff: +10%
  • Magical Attack Buff: +10%
  • Physical Defense: +10%
  • Magical Defense: +10%

Collect all these designated costumes and activate the Special Event Collection in order to get 5,000 Diamonds!
*Once you activate the Special Event Collection, 5,000 Diamonds will be sent to your in-game mailbox.