Dear Flyffers,

As of today, September 19th 2018, we will be transferring the publishing of Flyff Legacy in Russia to our new partners at Nikita Online, who will be opening brand new servers in the region. Unfortunately, this means that on October 18th 2018 we will be permanently shutting down our own Russian servers of Овен, Телец, & Близнецы, giving you 30 more days to play your original Flyff Legacy Global characters. This was a decision we made with the best intentions of our Russian Flyff Legacy community in mind, as we strive to deliver the greatest level of service.

What will happen to my character(s)?
The permanent shutdown of our servers will mean that all character data will be lost, and is not transferable to Nikita Online’s new servers.

I spent money! Will there be any compensation?
Of course! Your spending will be recompensed with Diamonds, costumes, and Scrolls of Protection. For details, please see the table below.

USD Spent
1 Special Costume
$11 - $50
1 Special Costume
3x Scroll of Protection
$51 - $100
1 Special Costume
5x Scroll of Protection
1 Special Costume
10x Scroll of Protection

In order to receive this compensation, you must contact Nikita Online’s customer support and give them your character and server names from Flyff Legacy Global, then a coupon will be sent to you depending on your spending tier.

Will I need a new app to keep playing?
Yes! Once you’re ready to start on Nikita Online’s new servers, which launch today, you will need to download their new game client. You can find both Google Play Store and Apple App Store links below!

When can I play on the new service?
Nikita Online’s new servers will launch today, September 19th 2018, at 11am Moscow time.

How long do I have left on my Flyff Legacy Global character?
You can continue to play on our Russian region servers of Овен, Телец, & Близнецы until the 18th of October 2018; we will also be continuing to offer support until that date. Though do note that we will be locking new character creation on those servers from today onwards.

We thank you for the time spent with us here at Flyff Legacy Global, and we hope you continue to enjoy our game at Nikita Online!

Happy Flying,
Flyff Legacy Global Team