Cloud Crater is a key area in Madrigal for collecting materials. Small craters in the zone are releasing magic clouds, collect the cloud to receive either Soulbound Diamonds, Soulbound Gold or Magic Powders! But the rare Red clouds will give you all the 3 rewards!

You can enter and exit Cloud Crater at any time, but will only have 30 attempts to collect clouds per day. The clouds will regenerate constantly.

Between 10PM and 12PM, the rewards obtained will be doubled and some red clouds may appear, which give all 3 possible rewards! Other time slots may give double rewards as well during specific event periods.

The zone attracts many adventurers, and you may get attacked by other players anytime or some guilds or players may try to control the zone and its resources.
As such, Cloud Crater is often the theatre of intense fights between players, especially during the bonus hours... Try to enter with a party and beware of other players!

Note that on Luda server, the Cloud Crater is a safe zone since the whole Luda server doesn't allow PK (Player Killing).