With the deployment of the new patch, 3.0.106, we came across several bugs and issues as we published yesterday on Google Play store. We are going to publish a new patch version today on August 24.
Please read the details below; if you have any issues regarding the patch, please be sure to update your app on the Google Play store.

▶[3.0.106 Patch Notes]

1. Fixed an auction registration issue regarding the Auction House
2. Fixed a crash issue when the game starts.

▶Go to Google Play store:


*The Broom Upgrade Event issue has been resolved after the quick emergency maintenance we had today on August 24 (@19:00PDT August 23).
We will be delivering all Shining Crystals and Glorious Crystals that were spent when the broom evolution was not activated for the broom event to your in-game mailbox.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and are trying our best to improve the game as a whole. We thank you for your extended patience.

-Flyff Legacy Global Team