***The maintenance will be extended for one more hour. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Greetings Flyffers,
Today we are going to have scheduled server maintenance to implement new events!


2018.08.02 01:00 ~ 03:00 PDT
*2 hr estimated; subject to change


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2018.08.02 ~ 08.29 23:59 PST
DESCRIPTION: Evil Snowmen appear in Tomb of Ankou, Colosseum and various fields!
Evil Snowmen drop Collecting Boxes in which you can either get Soulbound Diamond (1), SB Penya (50,000), or Ice Candy (1) which you can exchange for the event items.
*If you wear a special costume, Evil Snowmen can’t give you any damage!

You can also collect Ice Candies from Collecting Boxes which give you either get SB Diamond (1), SB Penya (50,000), or Ice Candy* (1) when you hunt Event monster (Evil Snowman) or Bosses from Story and Hanging Dungeons. You can then trade Ice Candies for event items in the Treasure Trove.
► complete 1 Daily Dungeon: 1x Ice Candy
► complete 1 Party Dungeon: 1x Ice Candy
► complete 1 Tomb of Ankou: 1x Ice Candy
► complete 1 La Christiana: 1x Ice Candy
► complete 1 Colosseum: 2x Ice Candy
► Hunt Snowman 1x Collecting Box
► Hunt Boss from Story and Hanging Dungeon 1x Collecting Box
* Ice Candy item will be deleted within few days after the event ends. You can still sell them for Penya after the event ends and before they're deleted.


WHEN: 2018.08.02 ~ 08.08 23:59 PST
DESCRIPTION: During the event period, the success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance.
★Don't forget to check Treasure Trove!
► Check out the treasure trove for some great deals and a new rotation of discounts!

- Random Box Event and King of Pirates Event will end after the maintenance.
- Collecting Boxes in your in-game bag will be deleted after the maintenance.

-Flyff Legacy Global Team