Greetings Flyffers,
Today we are going to have scheduled server maintenance to implement new events as well as the new patch!


WHEN: 2018.07.26 01:00 PDT ~ 03:00 PDT*
*2 hour ETA; subject to change

[3.0.104 Patch Notes]
1.Fixed minor bugs


WHEN: 2018.07.27 ~ 08.02 23:59
(This event will start and end based on the time zone of each server)
DESCRIPTION: If you charge Diamonds, you will receive 50% extra Diamonds!*
*Extra Diamonds will NOT be included in VIP Points.

▶Boss Buster Event

WHEN: After the maintenance on 2018.07.26 ~ 08.01 23:59 PST
DESCRIPTION: Story dungeon and Hanging Dungeon Bosses have chance to drop "Essential Goody Box" and "My Precious Box"
"Essential Goody Box" may drop in all Story Dungeons and Hanging Dungeons.
"My Precious Box" may drop in "Hanging Mansion" Story Dungeon and up.
"My Precious Box" may drop in "Dwarpet Ruins" Hanging Dungeon and up.
►►► Essential Goody Box Drop Table*:
► 1x Crystal
► 1x Oricalkum
► 1x Bag of Penya (50,000)
► 1x Shiny Crystal
► 1x Shiny Oricalkum
► 1x Tier 3 Random Epic Gear coupon
► 1x Scroll of Protection
► 2x Scroll of Protection
► 1x Revive Stone
► 1x Special Badge of Glory (100)
► 1x Special Badge of Honor (100)
*You will get one of the drops listed above
►►► My Precious Box Drop Table*:
► 40x Crystals
► 40x Shiny Crystals
► 5x Bag of Penya (10,000,000)
► 40x Oricalkums
► 40x Shiny Oricalkums
► 30x Revive Stone
► 1x Tier 5 Epic Gear Coupon
► 2x Special Badges of Glory (50,000)
► 4x Special Badges of Honor (50,000)
► 15x Special Stardust (100,000)
► 1x Scroll of Protection
► 3x Scroll of Protection
► 5x Scroll of Protection
*You will get one of the drops listed above
★Don't forget to check out Treasure Trove for the new packages!


- Cloud Crater & Monster Lair and Zodiac Activation events will end after the maintenance.
- All the Collecting boxes will be deleted after the maintenance next week!

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team