Flyff Legacy lets you wear different fashion Costumes to customise your appearance.

How to acquire a Costume
You can win costumes in the Costume Gacha, purchase them in the Auction House from other players, or obtain them via seasonal events.
Note that the drop rate of costumes in the gacha is low, but you may win many other valuable items like Mysterious Clothes, Runes, and Elemental cards.

Are costumes class specific?
Yes, each costume exists in 3 variation, one per class. The visual appearance of the costume will differ for each character class.
Note that you can only equip a costume designed for your class!

Do costumes give extra stats?
Yes, the costume you wear will give you bonus stats, but only when you wear the costume!
As such, you can only get the bonus stats of one costume at a time.
Note that you can also hide your costume so that you get the stats but show your equipped gear instead.

How do I upgrade my costume?
You can upgrade a costume in order to boost its stats. You will need Mysterious Clothes to increase the upgrade level, which can be acquired via the Costume Gacha, the Auction House, from various events, or by dismantling a costume!