Greetings Flyffers,

Today we are going to have another server maintenance for having two more events into the game; more details below!


WHEN: 2018.07.13 01:00 PDT ~ 02:00 PDT*
*1 hour ETA; subject to change


WHEN: After the maintenance on 2018.07.13 ~ 2018.07.18 23:59 PST
DESCRIPTION: Time to buy some Gacha! SHOCKING sale on 10x Gacha Packages! Only for a LIMITED time!
NOTE: The times reflect when the event will start and finish in PST time zone.
- 10x Costume Gacha 900 Diamonds -> 777 Diamonds
- 10x Item Gacha 1350 Diamonds -> 777 Diamonds
- 10x Pet Gacha 1350 Diamonds -> 777 Diamonds


WHEN: 2018.07.13 ~ 2018.07.18 23:59
DESCRIPTION: The Blessing of God in Madrigal is bestowed upon you for a limited time! Enjoy their blessing while fusing Blessed gear, and reap the benefits! 
NOTE: This also affects Ultimate gear fuses! Enjoy!
- 1x Blessed Gears: Blessed Chance Rate 33% -> 50%!
- 2x Blessed Gears: Blessed Chance Rate 66% -> 75%!
"Blessing Chance Rate" will be increased during this event. 
3x Blessed Gears is always 100% Blessed Chance Rate.

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team