Greetings Flyffers,
We are going to have scheduled server maintenance. Three new events will be added; check below for further details!
WHEN: 05.25.2018 01:00 PDT ~ 04:00 PDT*
*3hr ETA, subject to change

[New Patch Note 3.0.92]

1. Fixed/Enabled Repurchase Shop
2. Fixed Opponent AI in Duel not responding properly (regarding Second Job)
3. Fixed Breath Upgrade UI (previously showed incorrect amount of materials)
4. Fixed Saint Dock bug that stopped mobs from moving
5. Added UI which states where new items/materials can be obtained
6. Added a new item which protects materials used in Ultimate Fusion (no gear will be lost)
7. Fixed other minor bugs
8. Added Scroll of Fusion in the Shop

★Hunt Chinese Dragons!

WHEN: 05.25.2018 00:00 ~ 06.24 23:59
DESCRIPTION: Chinese Dragons appear in Tomb of Ankou, Colosseum and various fields!
Chinese Dragons drop SB diamonds and Collecting Boxes which you can either get Soulbound Diamond (1), Penya (50,000), or Umbrella (1) which you can exchange for the event items.
*If you wear a special costume, Chinese Dragons can’t give you any damage!

★Lucky Umbrella Event!

WHEN: 05.25.2018 00:00 ~ 06.24 23:59
DESCRIPTION: Collect Umbrellas to exchange for the event items! You can also collect Umbrellas from Collecting Boxes which give you either get SB Diamond (1), SB Penya (50,000), or Umbrella* (1) when you hunt Event monster (Chinese Dragons) or Bosses from Story and Hanging Dungeons. You can then trade Umbrellas for event items in the Treasure Trove.
► complete 1 Daily Dungeon: 1x Umbrella
► complete 1 Party Dungeon: 1x Umbrella
► complete 1 Tomb of Ankou: 1x Umbrella
► complete 1 La Christiana: 1x Umbrella
► complete 1 Colosseum: 2x Umbrella
► Hunt Chinese Dragon 1x Collecting Box
► Hunt Boss from Story and Hanging Dungeon 1x Collecting Box
* Umbrella item will be deleted within few days after the event ends. You can still sell them for Penya after the event ends and before they're deleted.

★Boss Buster Event

WHEN: 05.25.2018 00:00 ~ 05.31.2018 23:59
DESCRIPTION: Story dungeon and Hanging Dungeon Bosses have chance to drop ""Essential Goody Box"" and ""My Precious Box""
""Essential Goody Box"" may drop in all Story Dungeons and Hanging Dungeons.
""My Precious Box"" may drop in ""Hanging Mansion"" Story Dungeon and up.
""My Precious Box"" may drop in ""Dwarpet Ruins"" Hanging Dungeon and up.
►►► ""Essential Goody Box"" gives various essential item(s), and possibly x2 Scroll of Protection!
Essential Goody Box Drop Table*:
► 1x Crystal
► 1x Oricalkum
► 1x Bag of Penya (50,000)
► 1x Shiny Crystal
► 1x Shiny Oricalkum
► 1x Tier 3 Random Epic Gear coupon
► 1x Scroll of Protection
► 2x Scroll of Protection
► 1x Revive Stone
► 1x Special Badge of Glory (100)
► 1x Special Badge of Honor (100)
*You will get one of the drops listed above
►►► ""My Precious Box"" gives various essential item(s), and possibly x5 Scroll of Protection or a Tier 5 Epic Gear Coupon!
My Precious Box Drop Table*:
► 40x Crystals
► 40x Shiny Crystals
► 5x Bag of Penya (10,000,000)
► 40x Oricalkums
► 40x Shiny Oricalkums
► 30x Revive Stone
► 1x Tier 5 Epic Gear Coupon
► 2x Special Badges of Glory (50,000)
► 4x Special Badges of Honor (50,000)
► 15x Special Stardust (100,000)
► 1x Scroll of Protection
► 3x Scroll of Protection
► 5x Scroll of Protection
*You will get one of the drops listed above
★Time to Upgrade Brooms!
WHEN: 05.25.2018 ~ 2018.05.31 23:59
DESCRIPTION: Time to upgrade your booms with double of the original progress rate.
NOTE: The times reflect when the event will start and finish in that specific time zone.
★Don't forget to check out Treasure Trove for the new packages!

- 777 event and Blessing of God event will end.

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team