Hello Flyffers, we are going to have server maintenance today. For further details, please read below:

**Server Maintenance
2018.05.11 00:00 ~ 01:00 PST
2018.05.11 17:00 ~ 18:00 UTC+9
2018.05.11 16:00 ~ 17:00 UTC+8
1 hr ETA, subject to change

Make sure to download the new patch after the maintenance!

[3.0.90 Patch notes]

1.Fixed Costume Collection UI refresh issue
2.Fixed/Enabled Ultimate Fusion for Accessories
3.Fixed Honor Trophy activation when using Special Tokens of Honor for the first time
4. Fixed minor bugs
5.Disabled Repurchase Shop temporary due to the loading issues and method of purchase.
6. Disabled "Earn" feature due to a temporary error. (this will be disabled until Tapjoy fixes the error)

We appreciate your patience.
-The Flyff Legacy Global Team