'Heroes’ Awakening' Update Information

Hello Flyffers! The day we’ve all been waiting for is here, the next step for Flyff Legacy - Heroes’ Awakening launches today!
Please read below for detailed information about this massive content update.

[Second Class]

■ First Class heroes level 501 or higher can change their class by completing Second Class quests.

*When Second-class heroes revive in the town, their HP will recover 10%, and if they revive on the spot, it will recover 50%. If they receive Rested Bonus, a large amount of HP will be recovered on the spot.

[Important Content]

■ Ultimate Gear

1) Ultimate Fuse
Second Class heroes are able to create Ultimate Gear from ‘Ultimate Refinery’ – ‘Ultimate Fuse’ menu.

When performing an Ultimate Fuse, one main material and two fodder materials are needed. If higher tier materials are used, the success and Awakening rates when creating Ultimate Gear will increase.

2) Ultimate Awakening
Through Ultimate Awakening, upgrade level of gear can go up to +20. If Ultimate Awakening fails, upgrade level will not decrease.

3) Ultimate Upgrade
Improve the base stats of your Ultimate Gear using Seeds found in-game. Use one Seed per attempt, and when you land on stats that you’re happy with, you must hit Save to apply the new stats to your gear.

4) Gem Upgrade
Ultimate Gear may gain stat bonuses from gem upgrades. The maximum stats of the gear that can be upgraded from ultimate upgrade can be increased by increasing the upgrade level.

■ Special Mission for Second Class Heroes

1) Twisted Tomb of Ankou
Tomb of Ankou has been upgraded to another level with much stronger monsters. However, the monsters won’t be able to attack you if you wear a special event costume! Use this to your advantage and reap the rewards.

2) Infested La Christiana
Once you destroy the Main Power Source, a special monster will appear and drop, at a constant rate, ‘Gem Pieces’ which can be used as materials for ultimate gem upgrade! Certain numbers of special monsters will appear, so don’t miss an opportunity to defeat them!

■ Costume Collection is Open

Despite having so many costumes to wear, you can only wear one, right? Now you can utilize all of your costumes to get buffs!

After the shuffle, the more costumes that are needed for the collection, more buffs you get. Keep in mind that if you shuffle again, previously activated buffs will disappear!

■ Pet Collection is Open

Collect various groups of pets and activate Pet Collection! Pet Collections which are activated will be applied permanently.

■ Honor/Glory Trophy System

Characters with Grade 5 and above in Honor and/or Glory are able to upgrade Trophies.
Each trophy can be upgraded for free with Glory Points and Honor Tokens (5 times per day). Collect 6 Trophies to receive more powerful buffs!

■ Extended Broom Upgrade System

1) Breath Upgrade
There are a total of 6 types of Breath can be infused. Each Breath has different benefits.
To upgrade Breath, you need Crystals and Shining Crystals.
If all the Breath(s) are upgraded up to T7 and above, additional buffs for CP will be applied.

2) Witch’s Spell
This gives special options to brooms by using ‘Magic-indwelt parchment’ and Penya.
You can increase your CP with powerful Witch’s Spell!

‘Magic-indwelt parchment’ can be obtained from Twisted/Infested special missions at a constant rate.

3) Wind’s Blessing
It gives special options to brooms by using ‘Wind-indwelt Stone’ and Penya.
With magical Wind’s Blessing, your HP and Defense can be increased.
‘Wind-indwelt Stone’ can be obtained from Twisted/Infested special missions at a constant rate.

[Other Updates]

  • Extended level cap up to 800
  • New continent ‘Kaillun’ has been opened
  • Chapter 11 added and Main Quests extended
  • Endless Tower has been extended to 200 Floors
  • The 60th Floor, and all even-numbered floors to follow of Endless Tower, will give ‘Glorious Crystals’ as a reward
  • Maximum broom tier has been increased
  • A buyback system has been implemented; Store -> Repurchase
  • A trade system has been implemented; right click a player -> Trade
  • A Remote Auction House system has been implemented; trade from afar!
  • World bosses from higher regions and story dungeons will drop T6 items
  • If you win Battle Field, you will be rewarded with Honor Tokens
  • At a constant rate, Glorious Oricalkums, Seeds, and collection vitalization materials will be dropped in the Shaduwar region and above

Flyff Legacy’s ‘Heroes’ Awakening’ is here with new classes and new systems!
Let’s begin your adventure in more thrilling world of Flyff!
Thank you.
-Flyff Legacy Global team