Hello Flyffers! Flyff, the Action MMORPG you know and love, is here!
Since there are many of you facing issues regarding the Service Transfer from Asian servers, here is a guide to help you to transfer the service properly.

If you follow each step below, you will be able to have your characters restored to Global servers.

■Service Transfer Guide

First, please install Flyff Legacy Global 3.0.88 version from Google or Apple store.

You won’t be able to use the existing app that is already downloaded, so that means you should uninstall your current version of Flyff Legacy to avoid any complications.

- Google Play
-Apple Store

1) When starting the game, login to Flyff Legacy Global with the Google or Facebook account that you are going to use as your primary login from now on. It does not have to be the same account you used before*
*If you login with a guest account, ‘Service Transfer’ button won’t appear.

2) Once you are done downloading all the data, Click “Transfer” on the game’s main menu. Please read the important information carefully regarding the service transfer. Once you are done reading, please enter the email address you entered when you were registering the service transfer.
*You can only register the service transfer by using the same email address you entered before for registering the service transfer. Please be exact.

3) Enter the same email address you used before, and click “OK”. You will soon receive the confirmation email.

4) Please check the email that you received from us.
Once you click ‘Confirm service transfer’ link, the confirmation success message will pop up. At this point, you should restart Flyff Legacy Global.

5) Once you are logged into the game, go to your server based on the list of servers shown below. Then you will get to see your beloved characters!

※ If the transferring does not work as shown above, please contact our customer support. Please read carefully.
(When contacting us, please send us the information down below.)

- Customer Support:https://galalab.helpshift.com/a/flyff-legacy/?contact=1
- Information Required: country, server name, character name and email address used for registering the service transfer / screenshot of error message or error screen / details of your concern

※FAQ regarding Service Transfer

-I couldn’t/didn’t receive a confirmation email.
Sorry for the inconvenience. There was a congestion of sending out the emails that caused this issue. We solved this issue, so please try again.

-I don’t see a ‘Transfer’ button.
Please check if you downloaded 3.0.88 client version which shows upper left corner of the game start screen. If the version is different, you will have to re-download the correct version from the store, and log in again to see the button.
Also, if you logged in as a guest, the button won’t show up. Please login with an account you are going to use in Flyff now on.

-There is no character even after registering the Service transfer.
Your characters are in the servers that are shown above in the list of servers.
For example, if you had a character in 제네시스 server from Korea, you will be able to find your character in [OLD] Korea server after the service transfer (please refer to the picture in Step 5).

Thanks for all your support!
-Flyff Legacy Global team