Hello Flyffers,

We are going to have scheduled server maintenance today as well as activating an event and extending an existing one. For further details, please read below:

Server Maintenance

  • WHEN: 04.03.2018 00:00 PST ~ 01:00 PST*
  • *1 hr ETA, subject to change

Time to Activate Zodiac

  • WHEN: 04.03.2018 ~ 04.09.2018 23:59 PST
  • DESCRIPTION: Your success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance! Don't miss this chance to activate Zodiac signs faster than others!


  • Server update and restarts
  • Monster Lair event will be extended until 04.05 23:59 PST
  • Entering Monster Lair issue will be fixed
  • Cloud Crater Event will end
  • Boss Buster Event will end

-The Flyff Legacy Global Team