Greetings Flyffers,

We are going to have scheduled server maintenance. Today we will be updating several bugs within the game as well as adding a new town and activating two new events. A new patch has arrived!

Server Maintenance

  • WHEN: 03.28.2018 00:00 PST ~ 04:00 PST*
  • *4hr ETA, subject to change


  • New Town (Fallen Leaf Camp) has been added.
  • If players are killed in Shaduwar, they will revive in Fallen Leaf Camp.
  • Modified Server List for improved organization.
  • Modified In-Game UI to accommodate upcoming expansion.
  • Fixed an issue where Guild Defense buff did not apply.
  • The minimum auction price of the auction house has been changed to more than 2 Diamonds / Penya.
  • Fixed a situation where monsters were crowded in a specific case in Saint Docks.
  • Now Tier 12 Broom will be upgraded up to level 10
  • Fixed other minor bugs.
  • The rules for HP recovery have changed in the entry and exit of instance dungeons.
  • 100% of HP will be restored when entering Story, Daily, Party, Hanging Dungeons/ Arena, Battlefields/Duel ONLY (excluding ToA/LC/other instances not listed)

Boss Buster Event

WHEN: 03.28.2018 ~ 04.02.2018 23:59
DESCRIPTION: Story dungeon and Hanging Dungeon Boss's have chance to drop "Essential Goody Box" and "My Precious Box"
  • "Essential Goody Box" may drop in all Story Dungeons and Hanging Dungeons.
  • "My Precious Box" may drop in "Hanging Mansion" Story Dungeon and up.
  • "My Precious Box" may drop in "Dwarpet Ruins" Hanging Dungeon and up.

Essential Goody Box Drop Table*:

  • 1x Crystal
  • 1x Orikalkum
  • 1x Bag of Penya (50,000)
  • 1x Shiny Crystal
  • 1x Shiny Orikalkum
  • 1x Tier 3 Random Epic Gear coupon
  • 1x Scroll of Protection
  • 2x Scroll of Protection
  • 1x Revive Stone
  • 1x Special Badge of Glory (100)
  • 1x Special Badge of Honor (100)
  • *You will get one of the drops listed above

My Precious Box Drop Table*:

  • 40x Crystals
  • 40x Shiny Crystals
  • 5x Bag of Penya (10,000,000)
  • 40x Orikalkums
  • 40x Shiny Orikalkums
  • 30x Revive Stone
  • 1x Tier 5 Epic Gear Coupon
  • 2x Special Badges of Glory (50,000)
  • 4x Special Badges of Honor (50,000)
  • 15x Special Stardust (100,000)
  • 1x Scroll of Protection
  • 3x Scroll of Protection
  • 5x Scroll of Protection
  • *You will get one of the drops listed above

*Don't forget to check out Treasure Trove


  • Broom Upgrade Event will end
  • Crafting Marble Event will end
  • PD Costume Buff Event will end
We appreciate your patience.
-The Flyff Legacy Global Team