Greetings Flyffers,

Today we are going to be having scheduled server maintenance, as well as two new events. For further details, please read below.

Server Maintenance

  • WHEN: 03.20.2018 00:00 PST ~ 1:00 PST*
  • *1 hour ETA; subject to change

It's Time to Craft Marbles! 

  • WHEN: 03.20.2018 ~ 03.26.2018 23:59
  • DESCRIPTION: Want to craft some marbles? Now is a perfect time! Enjoy 50% increase of the original chance for a limited time!

Time to upgrade Brooms! 

  • WHEN: 03.20.2018 ~ 03.26.2018 23:59
  • DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wanted a nicer broom to fly around on? Now's your chance. Enjoy a 2x progress rate when upgrading your brooms.

New Various Packages

  • DESCRIPTION: Don't forget to check the Treasure Trove! 


  • Servers will be restarted and updated
  • Gear Upgrade Event will end
  • 777 Gacha Event will end
  • Blessing of God Event will end

We appreciate your patience and continued support.
-The Flyff Legacy Global Team