Greetings Flyffers,

Today we will be having scheduled server maintenance and will also be adding new event into the game! See below for further details:

Server Maintenance

  • WHEN: 02.26.2018 00:00 PST ~ 01:00 PST*
  • *1hr estimated, subject to change
  • Flarine will return to its normal theme!

Hunt Aggressive K-9!

  • WHEN: 02.26.2018 00:00 ~ 03.10 23:59
  • DESCRIPTION: Aggressive K-9 appears in Tomb of Ankou, Colosseum and various fields!
  • This time the Event Monster is not only dropping a SB Diamond and a collecting item but also SB Diamond and a Collecting Box!
  • Aggressive K-9 drops SB Diamond and a Rusty Handcuff Collecting Box which you can either get Soulbound Diamond (1), Penya (50,000), or Rusty Handcuff (1) which you can exchange for the event items.

Flyff PD Collection Event!

  • WHEN: 02.26.2018 00:00 ~ 03.10 23:59
  • DESCRIPTION: Collect Rusty Handcuffs to exchange for the event items! You can also collect Rusty Handcuffs from Rusty Handcuff Collecting Boxes which give you either SB Diamond (1), SB Penya (50,000), or Rusty Handcuff* (1) when you hunt Event monster(Aggressive K-9) or Bosses from Story and you can then trade Rusty Handcuffs for other items in the Treasure Trove.

  • ► complete 1 Daily Dungeon: 1x Rusty Handcuff
  • ► complete 1 Party Dungeon: 1x Rusty Handcuff
  • ► complete 1 Tomb of Ankou: 1x Rusty Handcuff
  • ► complete 1 La Christiana: 1x Rusty Handcuff
  • ► complete 1 Colosseum: 2x Rusty Handcuff
  • ► Hunt Aggressive K-9 1x Collecting Box
  • ► Hunt Boss from Story and Hanging Dungeon 1x Collecting Box
  • *Rusty Handcuff item will be deleted within few days after the event ends. You can still sell them for Penya after the event ends and before they're deleted.

New Various Packages

  • DESCRIPTION: Don't forget to check the Treasure Trove!


  • -777 Gacha and Broom Upgrade Events will conclude
  • -Update and restart servers
We appreciate your patience; have a wonderful weekend!
-The Flyff Legacy Global Team