Flyff Legacy is a fully online game and requires a permanent internet connection to be established with the game server. If you temporarily lose the signal, your network signal is too weak, your IP address changes (in case you are using a mobile network and commuting for instance), your connection is not stable, or you switch between a WiFi and mobile data connection (see below), you will get disconnected from the server.

You may also get disconnected if our hosting partners experience technical difficulties, but such problems should always be resolved quickly.

On mobile devices it can happen frequently that your OS automatically switch from mobile data to WiFi networks and vice versa, leading to a disconnection. This switch occurs because the device detects a stronger network and may try to connect to it automatically. To prevent this from happening:
  • On Android: go to Settings > Wifi, and uncheck "Smart network switch". 
  • On iOS: go to Settings > Mobile Data, scroll down to the very bottom and disable "Wi-Fi Assist". 
This can prevent unwanted disconnections. :)

You may also check you do not have memory issues. Here are some other ways to improve how Flyff Legacy runs on your low-RAM device: :
- Make sure you have no other apps running in the background, especially games.
- On Android: go to your phone Settings, Application Manager, then Running Apps. Tap and stop the apps consuming most of the RAM there. You may also check this link.
- On iOS: Press the Power button until the "Slide to Power Off" screen appears, then press the Home button for 5 seconds. Your device RAM will be cleared and you will be returned to your app screen.

If your connection problems are not resolved, please contact us!