Greetings Flyffers,

Today we are having schedule maintenance and a new event. Please read below for further details.

Event: Upgrade Event (12.11.2017 00:00 ~ 12.14.2017 23:59) PST, CST, EST*
*NOTE: The above event period is specific to each time zone.
DESCRIPTION: During the event period, the success rate is increased by 20% of the original chance.


-Update and restart servers.
-iOS issues regarding praising statues, targeting, and inviting/interaction have been fixed
-We recognized that the compensation given out for the iOS issues was not substantial enough for the inconvenience caused, so we will be giving out more compensation with this maintenance, thank you for understanding

*NOTE: iOS users will need to update their game appropriately to get the new changes:


-12.11.2017 00:00 PST ~ 00:30 PST (30minutes estimated. Subject to change.)
Thank you for your patience.