* MERGED SERVER [PST7], [EST8], [CST8]'s maintenance is finsihed on 01:00 PST. Enjoy!
* BR, LTAM servers' maintenance is finished on 01:22 PST. enjoy!
* EU servers'  maintenance is finished on 01:44 PST. enjoy! 
* FR, DE, ES, SEA servers' maintenance is finished on 02:13 PST. enjoy! 
* EST, CST, PST servers' maintenance is finished on 02:20 PST. enjoy!  


Greeting Flyffers,

As announced last week,  we are going to have temporary server maintenance to remove dormant characters starting from April 1st.

We will be working on one server at a time in the NA+BR/LTAM, ASIA, and EUROPE regions, and as soon as we are done with one server, we will open it and begin working on the next.
Please note that this may take place over the course of the this week as we progress until all servers are complete.
We apologize that it is not possible to provide an exact time for each server, and appreciate your understanding.


For further details, please read below:


Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2024.03.31 17:00 PST* 
                2024.04.01 11:00 KST*

Maintenance Detail

- Dormant Characters Removal

-Flyff Legacy Global Team