Hello, Flyffers! 

Alongside today's maintenance, you can expect an update and some new servers!
With three new servers, one for each NA region, say hello to:

-Suhan (PST)
-Vellia (EST)
-Losha (CST,Non-PK)

Let's celebrate new servers with events! Please check the details below.

1. Level Up Event! (new servers only)

(11.10.2017 00:00 PST ~ 11.23.2017 23:59 PST)

-Reach specific levels to receive additional Soulbound Diamonds! 
Reach level 501 by November 23rd and you can claim up to 5,500 Soulbound Diamonds!

Lv.101: 100 SB Diamonds
Lv.160: 200 SB Diamonds
Lv.180: 300 SB Diamonds
Lv.201: 400 SB Diamonds
Lv.301: 500 SB Diamonds
Lv.401: 1K SB Diamonds
Lv.501: 3K SB Diamonds

2. Hall of Fame Event (new servers only)

(11.10.2017 00:00 PST ~ 11.23.2017 23:59 PST)
Climb to the top and be rewarded!
Rank CP Rank Level Rank

3. Just Log On! (new servers only)

-Log in and receive new rewards every day.

11/10 1M SB Penya, 100 SB Diamonds
11/11 100K Stardusts
11/12 Pet Gacha Coupon
11/13 Item Gacha Coupon
11/14 10K Magic Powder
11/15 5,000 Badge of Glory
11/16 10K Badge of Honor

4. First Purchase Event (new servers only)

-Make your first purchase of Flyff Legacy and get White Tiger and 3x Scroll of Protection! (White Tiger gives Max HP + 1%)
Note that White Tiger shows that it increases your Max HP x 0.01%, however, this is a display glitch and it actually increases 1%!

5. Easy Life Pack (new servers only)

-Are you sick of always having to clear out your bag?
No more! Max out your inventory and get bonus items for just $24.99!
You may find this pack in "Treasure Trove" Section (Starter Package).

6. Double-Up Event (existing servers only)

(11.10.2017 00:00 PST ~ 11.13.2017 23:59 PST)

-Enrich your adventure in Flyff Legacy with more time in Cloud Crater & Monster Lair, and 2x Daily Exchange stock.
*This event doesn't double bonus VIP stock.

7. 6x Various Special Packages (new servers only)

You may find the details in "Treasure Trove" section.


- Halloween Festival, Collection will end.
- Flarine town will return to normal.
- Restart servers to fresh up
- Add new servers (Suhan (PST), Vellia (EST), Losha (CST))


-11.10.2017 00:00 PST ~ 01:00AM PST (1hr estimated, subject to change)

Thank you