Greeting Flyffers,

In order to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience, we will be removing some accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months during next week's temporary maintenance.

This work will be rolled out sequentially in each region, and we will announce exact dates as they are finalized.

Flyffers with dormant characters can log in to the game before March 31 to be excluded from this process. We will not be able to restore your characters once this process is complete, so please be sure to check the announcement and keep your login history.


Dormant Character Classification Criteria

1) Characters with no access history since January 1, 2023
2) The character does not have any paid items with a remaining usage period. In other cases, characters with paid items are also included in the dormant character classification.


We will do our best to provide you with a more stable and pleasant gaming experience.


-The Flyff Legacy Global Team