*Maintenance finished on 02:30 PST. Enjoy! 


Greetings Flyffers,


We are announcing today that the physical PST servers will be integrated to CST region on February 19th, which will make the server time on the PST servers is changing to CST. This means that existing events will also be held according to the CST time, so be aware of this before playing.

Regarding the server integration, please note that each country/language server will be maintained and you shouldn't see any difference in your gameplay. So please rest assured, you'll be able to play as usual.
We will do our best to ensure a smooth gaming experience on these servers.

For further details, please read below:  

PST Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2024.02.19 00:00 PST ~ 06:00 PST*
                2024.02.19 17:00 KST ~ 23:00 KST*
* 6 hr ETA, Will open as soon as work is completed