*Maintenance finished on 18:29 PST. Enjoy!  


Greetings Flyffers,
we are going to have temporary server maintenance today.
For further details, please read below:


ASIA140, 142 Server Maintenance

WHEN: 2023.12.27 18:00 PST ~ 19:00 PHT*
                2023.12.27 11:00 KST ~ 12:00 KST*
                2023.12.27 10:00 PHT ~ 11:00 PHT*
*1 hr ETA, subject to change

Maintenance Detail

- Server stability
- Minor bug fixes

- Modify Event Application

Regarding the ASIA 142 server that opened on December 21, we discovered that the new server event was not applied properly due to a system error.
As a result, we will reapply it during a temporary maintenance,

1. First Purchase Event
For users who have made a purchase after the 21st and before the inspection (excluding Levleup Package purchasers), the Receive button will be automatically activated when entering the event menu after the inspection.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. Level Up Event
SB Diamonds that have not been paid out will be delivered to your mailbox after the maintenance, and all will be delivered within DEC 27.
 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

3. Hall of Fame Event
This event has not been affected and will continue as scheduled.

4. Log On Event
As the rewards have not been paid out normally, we will be extending the login period to receive the rewards, please see below.

12/21 → 12/27~1/2 ► 1M SB Penya, 100SB Diamonds
12/22 → 12/28~1/3 ► 100K Stardust
12/23 → 12/29~1/4 ► Pet Gacha Coupon
12/24 → 12/30~1/5 ► Item Gacha Coupon
12/25 → 12/31~1/6 ► 10K Magic Powder
12/26 → 1/1~1/7 ► 5,000 Badge of Glory
12/27 → 1/2~1/8 ► 10,000 Badge of Honor

-Flyff Legacy Global Team