Obstructing use of the game for others
Using any of the expressions in the following clauses:
(7 days-muted)
7 days
30 days
(1) Expressions that may offend, insult, or sexually humiliate others.
(2) Expressions containing curse words, profanity and slangs, advertising, or explicit content
(3) Expressions that are racially discriminating and gender inappropriate
(4) Expressions deemed to be aimed at condemning, insulting, or defaming a particular person, group, organization, region, religion, etc.
(5) Expressions that impersonate the company, its employees, officials, and operators
(6) Expressions of intent to "boost" accounts or exchange items for cash or other means of goods.
(7) Any other use of the game system that obstruct the use of the game by other customers.
※ If the damage caused by the above behavior is minor, a "warning" may be issued instead of a period restriction.
※ Secondary sanctions may be applied in the event of a first sanction for behavior that targets a large number of users or causes serious offense to the other party.
Interfering with game operations
(1) Impersonating a GM or claiming to be a Company official to request information or goods from customers.
7 days
(2) Spreading false facts or information not officially announced by the Company or GM, causing confusion or damage to other customers.
(3) Intentionally harming the game's economy by using the game system.
(4) Harming the image of the service by engaging in behavior that is contrary to social norms or in violation of the Terms of Service and laws.
(5) Intentionally and/or maliciously interfering with other normal game services.
(6) Abusing the official social media or customer service by making false reports to interfere with other users' normal game use or interfere with the company's normal game operation.
Cash Transactions & Attempts
(1) Trading in-game items for cash, real-world goods or services, or items from other games.
(2) Trading your game account or characters in your account for cash, real-world goods and services, or items from other games.
(3) The act of playing a character by entrusting it to another person (i.e. "boosting") in exchange for cash or real goods/services
(4) Attempting to do any of the things listed in (1) ~ (3) or advertising the same
(5) The act of advertising a site that brokers each of the favors in (1) ~ (3).
※ Accumulated sanctions for "attempted cash transactions" may apply "permanent" sanctions
※ If the "cash transaction attempt" for commercial purposes is repeated , "permanent" sanctions may be applied in the first round of sanctions.
Unauthorized Programs
(1) Use of any software or device (hardware) not provided or authorized by the Company, such as speed hacks, multiloaders, macro programs, etc.
(2) Damaging the game environment by maliciously using applications, programs, etc. not provided by the company
(3) Tampering with or attempting to hack into the game application to cause disruption or gain an advantage in the game.
(4) Causing network instability or impairing the gaming environment by using a modified/manipulated game application for abnormal subscription/connection/use, etc.
(5) Using an unauthorized program to gain unfair advantage by using the game under an individual or multiple identities or in an organizational/collective manner, or making it a business.
(6) Using a program that may infringe on the company's program copyright, such as changing, damaging, or forging game data or programs.
(7) Attempts/use of unauthorized programs or unusual play patterns are identified through system log analysis.
(8) Use of other unauthorized programs other than game applications provided by the Company.
(9) Repeated patterns of abnormal play that resemble unauthorized program use or are determined to be attempts to use unauthorized programs.
(10) Producing/selling or promoting unauthorized game-related programs not provided by the Company.
(11) Sharing/distributing such unauthorized programs even if not for commercial purposes
(12) Modifying/illegally sharing game applications provided by the company, or sharing/distributing hacking methods of the game
(13) Distributing/promoting unauthorized programs and their usage to specific or unspecified group of users.